Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friends, Flying, Fun, and Fornication

Got your attention didn't I? Sometimes flying is more fun than you can imagine.

Scott, Travis, Chris, and I headed out for an afternoon flight. All went as usual. Chris using his smoke system, Scott's parachute hurting my eyes, Travis climbing like a helicopter, everything was normal...

We headed back to the field as the sun was getting lower. The other three guys were doing touch-n-goes, so I decided to fly a little west of the field. That's when I saw them. There were these very white creatures in the back of a pickup. At first, I thought it was some kind of animal, so I flew closer and then I figured it out! Uh oh! They scrambled at first, trying to get dressed, then I think after I radioed the others to come see, I think they just gave up. Something about four PPCs circling must have spoiled the mood! My guess is they won't be back! Kind of gives a new meaning to an old aviation saying, "Keep the shiney side up!".

Chris chasing his shadow.

Chris and Scott

Chris smoking.

Chris and Scott
Hi Ray. I love to fly too!

Last but not least, the proof of the story!

Till next time,

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laanba said...

Bwhaha.... that is SO funny. Isn't it kind of cold to do that outside?