Friday, July 10, 2009

Trying Out a PPC

Travis took Glen up for a ride in a Powered Parachute. Glen owns and flies a Powered Paraglider now and is thinking PPCs might be fun too :-)

Travis' Pegasus

Travis and Glen hiding from the harsh sun!

Travis warming up the PPC.


This Cessna was doing touch-n-goes.

Inflation - notice they're both looking back at the parachute.

Rolling Preflight - this is where we make sure everything looks good on the parachute.

Ready to takeoff.

And they're off...

They're back. This photo makes it look stormy!

They were packing up and I was chasing the sunset!

I hope to have more soon!


Rusty UL said...

A friend of mine who also owns a Quicksilver calls PPCs "Danglers". Fits, doesn't it? I'll stick with fixed wing myself, but the machinery sure looks pretty!

Jack Fleetwood said...

Hey Rusty! They are danglers!! I used to think the same thing, I've got many hours in fixed wings. One thing you can't do easily is pack up the Quicksilver and drive to a new location. Also makes it easier if you run out of gas :-p