Saturday, July 18, 2009

Storms are Coming!!

What can I say about today? One word sums it up - Wow! Travis and I were watching radar and weather reports last night and I thought there was a 50% chance we'd get to fly this morning. I had to put a tube in one of my tires on the PPC, so I was working on it and managed to hurt my already bad hip. I wasn't sure I would be able to get out of bed today! Then the alarm clock went off, I got up and checked outside, it was beautiful and my hip didn't hurt too much, so we were off.

Chris and I met up on the highway and when we got there Scott and Travis were already there. We got setup and headed off into great, no wind conditions. It was just great flying weather.

We saw some hot air balloons again and tried to get too them, but the best I got was a photo of one of them after he had landed. Maybe the dark clouds building to the North convinced them to land!

After we landed, a cop was there, and not for the normal friendly conversations we've had with them. He said we had flown over a "No Fly Zone", the building right next to the airport apparently controls the electric grid for the entire state. It's not on the chart, but instead of telling him to get lost, we just said we would stay away. Gotta love un-informed police!

By the way, it's 3:00 and still hasn't rained! We're very cautious.

Click on these for larger versions.

Check out the sun coming through Chris' sails.

Travis doing a touch-n-go on Runway 17.

The Twin-Beech ready to go. Check out the very cool shadow of the plane!

I almost didn't post this photo, but again, check out their shadows!

Scott and his son.

My Shadow. Some crops are doing well, others are dead.

Chris and his daughter Maddie.

Is that Maddie smiling at me :-)

Pretty tight landing zone!

Hey Travis come over here and let me get some photos.
Umm, maybe not that close! Check out that "S"-eating grin!
Taking a photo of you taking a photo of me taking a.....

Chris deflating his wing as Scott turned final.

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