Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rathan's First Flight

It's been a month since we've flown. It's just windy and dry here in Central Texas. Finally this morning looked perfect, starting off with 1 MPH winds. My buddy Rathan came out for a ride with Chris and Bill drove in from Buda, so we had a big group.

It was a day of many firsts. Rathan got his first flight. A guy Chris works with came out and brought his son (it was his birthday) and they both got their first rides too.

It was also my first texting while flying! Shortly after we took off, I saw Travis heading back to the airport. When I couldn't get him on the radio, I texted him!

It went like this: "RU OK" His reply: "Yes. No comm. Came back to switch headsets. Taking of in a min." You have to love modern technology!

Chris and Rathan

Chris and Rathan

Bill down low. This will now be known as Touch-N-Go Road.
Scott on the left, Chris and Rathan on the right.

I finally got a nice shot of Scott!
Touch-N-Go Island

Scott again!
Chris and Rathan

Scott flying the beach!
Not my best photo, but I liked the sun in Scott's wing.
It must be tough to be so poor!

Birthday Boy!

This was my second flight of the day. Just following Hwy 79.
Bill and Chris on their second flight.

Travis is feeling left out! I didn't get a single photo of him this time. I'm not sure why either! I guess I got such good photos of him last time, I forgot him this time!
Hopefully I'll be making more posts if the weather gets better.


Neo said...

Hey Jack..
Rathan is one of my great buddy..i just loved pics, i have been to sky diving..but looks like im tempted to experience atleast once this power parachute
Good hobby i guess...just curious do you need any flying license to fly

Jack Fleetwood said...

Hi Neo. We'll get you up for a ride. Just tell Rathan and he'll let me know.

You need a license for a two-seat machine and any one-seat machine over 254lbs. The license is a Sport Pilot License and is much cheaper than Private Pilot License like I have. SP is a fairly new thing. I had a one-seater and loved it, but wanted to take passengers.