Saturday, August 29, 2009

91st Blog!

Several years ago I heard about this thing they call a Blog. It's like a diary, but much manlier! Now I just noticed I'm at 91 posts!!! Hard to believe. We'll have to find a way to celebrate 100.

Travis and I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to get some air-time. The rest of the group decided to sleep in. I can't say I blame them, but they missed some good flying.

Georgetown AWOS was reporting 6 - 8 mph winds when we were expecting 3 mph, but it seemed to be steady so we decided to head on up. I took off first while Travis and his passenger Steve were setting up. I wasn't making much progress into the wind, but it was a smooth wind.

I flew the river for awhile and then we headed to Granger Lake. I circled a man who was jumping up and down waving at me. Hopefully he was a friendly!

Travis and I were both a little concerned about the winds. They were picking up quickly. We were going almost 50 mph on the way back to the airport. When we have to land to the North, we have to come over trees and the rotors usually kick us around. Today wasn't bad though, it was a little bumpy, but close to the ground it was smooth. I had a nice landing and taxied right up to my trailer. It was a good day for flying!

We had decent winds tonight, but I'm tired and not planning on going anywhere. Maybe in the morning...

This looks like it was once a nice mansion! Now it's run down with broken down cars scattered all around it.

A couple of shots for Robert Laird!

Windmill Shadows are hard to find!

My camera couldn't catch the beauty of the sun shining on these trees. I would sure hate to go down here.

This picnic table at Granger Lake had a neat shadow.
Granger Lake Dam

You've got to get up early to see shadows this long.

I love the patterns of fields!
This wasn't one of my better photos, but what a cool shadow!
Garage in the way? Go around it!
I know these farmers spend a lot of time making their fields look nice just for me!
Be back soon!

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