Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day - Part One

I'm exhausted. We got up early since the winds were predicted to be very low. The forecasters got it right for once! It was Travis, Chris, Bill & me. We decided to do a cross-country flight to Rockdale. My GPS said it was 22.5 miles. You might remember from another post here that my EGTs are low and Marty pointed out that was contributing to my high fuel consumption. I have a 10-gallon tank, but I burn about 5 gph. As we were nearing Rockdale, I was getting close to an hour and had slightly over half a tank. When we landed, I was seeing about 1 inch over the halfway mark, so I wasn't too worried. We knew if we climbed to over 2,000 we'd have a tailwind and sure enough it was there. Still, 2 full hours of flying leaves me no reserve and it's a mistake I don't plan to duplicate!

Travis can actually outrun me when he has a passenger!

I kept startling cattle. I really hate it when this happens.

A lonely tree.

Travis on short final for one-seven at Rockdale.

This pilot greeted us when we landed. He was off in his Cessna Cardinal to pick up his son for a ride.

Travis was going to do a touch-n-go, but then he realized Chris was taking off, so he did a quick left turn out to clear the way.

Bill flying below me.

I was just in this building a few weeks ago. We had some big storms with high wind. This building was damaged and it appears they're tearing it down.

We're back home! You can see our trucks and trailers on the road to the right of the runway.

Hope you enjoyed them!

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