Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor Day - Part 2

Well after part one of my Labor Day, I was worn out. The winds actually looked pretty good for this evening, but I didn't even consider going up! I went to Old Settler's Park to see if any of my PPG buddies were flying and sure enough they were there. Brian, Glen, and Alt were all kiting when I arrived. Tim showed up later, but he's still waiting on his Green Eagle (way past due!), so he was just a spectator like me. It turned out to be a little windy, so they only got a short flight in before sunset.

I had my 70-200 lens on and didn't feel like changing it. This is a close-up of Glen's wing.

Alt's Wing

Alt right after takeoff.

Glen preparing to spin around and run for his reverse launch.

Glen flying off into the blue skies.

Alt flying by!

Brian coasting in for a dead-stick landing.

Glen coming in for a landing.

Hope you guys had as much fun as I did on my day off!

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