Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Flying Low

Only Chris and I could make it out to fly today. He brought his oldest son, Dustin. It was perfect flying weather. We took off on 18, landed on 35! After flying for an hour, we landed. I added more fuel and turned around to depart 18 again. As I was doing this, we heard Hubert landing in his Kitfox. Chris walked over and got a ride with him. I went up for another 30 minutes. Now I'm tired and must sleep!

I'm pretty sure we were in Taylor.

I've taken photos of this barn from outside, inside, and now above!

What makes you ask if we were in Hutto?

A coyote? Whatever it was, it didn't know which way to run!

Travis couldn't make it out to fly, but he spotted us near his house and drove out.

Chris on base for three-five.

On final.

Umm, dude... I'm over here!

This is a good example of the wind we had a few weeks ago.

This old building was seriously damaged too. I hope they save most of it, it's from the 1800's.

You might ask, Jack, is this a school? No, it's a prison! This is where we kept entire families waiting for departation. Enough people protested, now they moved them to Kentucky.

Dustin learning to taxi.

So I shove this thingy all the way forward?? Just kidding, he did a great job.
See you next time... Jack


Mark Zinkel said...

When you turn on the smoke, it makes it look like you're going 30 mph faster!

Jack Fleetwood said...

I know what you mean!!

It's a nice option. It's not only fun, but if I lose one of the guys, I just ask them to turn on their smoke!!