Friday, January 01, 2010

First Flight of 2010

I've been waiting for this day! We had 5 pilots out at Hubert's place. It was a great day.

I didn't feel like I had good turning ability or flare in my last flight, so for today's flight, I had installed trimmer ratchets. I thought I had tied them off in the original positions and would be able to pull in line until I had them adjusted correctly. Apparently I was wrong! I took off fine, but noticed I had too much steering line pulled in and since I had tied a knot behind the ratchet, I couldn't let it out. It wasn't an issue though, I just landed and moved the knot back about 3 inches. It worked perfectly and I stayed up for 1.5 hours!

I landed about 5:20, with a sunset of 5:30, so I used all of the daylight I had. Did I say it was a great day?

I think Scott was trying to tell me he was cold!

Scott flying down low over the creek.

You can see some deep ruts worn by the cows.

These cows were following me! I didn't have any food for them, maybe next time!

I'm always amazed at the nice old houses that were left to die.

Chris and I did some formation flying.

I've always wonder what this building was. I still don't know, but it had my shadow on it!

Seniors '81!!

Can't go under it, can't go through it, we'll have to go around it...

This was a cool photo. To the right was a house, to the left was a pile of junk. I wanted the reflection of the windmill, so I took a photo in the middle!

Chris flying by a pond. There were a lot of fish jumping. At the end of the dock was a house that looked like it was being built and they just stopped.

Chris flying low.

Ever see one of those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where he sees a mirage??

Scott and Chris on the ground as Hubert flies by.

By the time we were about to come down, it was very calm!

Chris had just left a trail of smoke and Hubert did a fly-by.
It's looking good for tomorrow too! - Jack

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