Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flying Tiger

Well, I finally made it out to the airport for the maiden voyage of my Pegasus. It was breezy, but I was tired of waiting! I checked everything over one more time, warmed it up, layed it out, warmed it up a little more, and I was off.

It seemed a lot quicker to respond to power than my Sky Rascal. I must have used a little too much power because when the chute inflated, I popped a wheelie! After a quick rolling preflight I added power and really flew off of the ground.

All in all, it was a nice first flight. The only issue I had was with the chute. I know it shouldn't turn like my Sky Rascal, but to get a decent turn, I had to push the foot bar all of the way out and then pull about 6 inches of line with my hand. When looking at the trailing edge without any input, it seemed straight. It also seemed to curl with just a little input. I was about convinced it was just me, but when I was on final, just to be safe, I prepared to land with some throttle. Even with that, I felt like I had no flare and bounced in pretty good. I will need to adjust it before flying it again.

Other than that, all of the readings looked good, the engine was very smooth, and everything seemed perfect. I didn't fly long, and I was watching the PPC closely, but I still got a few photos.

The Shadows were long.

I really thought this was a big dog chasing a cow around! It turned out to be a very energetic calf bothering it's mother.

All of the fields were wet. Not a comforting feeling.

After the flight.

Here's my chute. It's really much brighter than the photo make it look.

'till next time - Jack

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