Monday, December 28, 2009

I Almost Flew It!

We'll I finally got the Tiger out and thought I would get my first flight in it! We decided to go to Hubert's place since it's wide open and I could do all of the touch-n-goes I wanted too.

When I started it up, it idled perfectly. Then, as I would get to mid-throttle, it would bog down, then back to perfect at full throttle. I was tempted to fly it anyway, but not that tempted. About that time, the forecasted 2mph winds for the entire afternoon jumped to 12mph, dashing any fleeting thoughts I had about making my maiden flight!

Chris decided it wasn't that bad and he took off. He wasn't making much progress, but he said it was smooth. We were talking on the radio and he offered to come take me up so we could get some photos. So soon enough, I was in the back seat and we were off.

Hubert wanted some photos of his Kitfox in the air. It was fun trying formation flying with him as he made us look like we were sitting still. He would come up behind us, on the right side so I could get the sun on him. Chris and I would see him coming and then I would snap a few as he tore by us!!

On my PPC, I also had a leaking primer line that I had just replaced. It turned out the I.D. of the hose was too big, so I replaced it all today. I also found the plane had the wrong Needle Jets and replaced them. I just came in from running it up, and it's perfectly smooth all the way through.

Now, I just have to wait for another nice day!

The Tiger

Hubert buzzing by us!

They put up these new higher power lines and he really has to slip after coming over them. I got this shot just as he was coming out of the slip.

I'll be back soon, hopefully with a flight report!!

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