Monday, June 07, 2010


From 5/30

So leave it to me to schedule a vacation the week before I leave to go to the Redneck Fly-In! My wife picked out a location up near Dallas (Canton, Texas) where they had some nice cabins with a pool, paddle boats, etc.

After checking the weather, I decided to drag the plane along. I had checked AirNav and they had a local airport that was about a mile from the campsite!

When I arrived at the airport Saturday morning, I found it was a little tight, with houses on one side and a country club on the other, but there was no wind, so I decided to go for it.

All went well and I was off into the beautiful morning. I circled the campsite a few times waving at the early-risers who were out walking their dogs. Then I headed off to the local lake and watched the fishermen for awhile.

Back at the airport, the conditions were still perfect and I added a nice landing to end the flight. I didn't fly for the rest of the weekend, even though the conditions were great. Something about hours of swimming that took my motivation away!

Getting ready.

I recently added this mirror. I love it for seeing my passengers' faces.

Let there be light!

This was our resort.

This is the Grand Lodge.
Apparently when Santa's not making toys, he's growing trees or flying his V-tailed homebuilt!

Downtown Canton, Texas

A lone fisherman.

An empty diamond.

This is the country club next to the airport.

Not many places to land!

A horse and his shadow.

This was a nice house... just needs a runway!

One man's palace!

See you next time!

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