Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Winds Were Just Right...

I got a little behind on my blog, sorry! This one is from 5/27

We've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Finally, we were rewarded.

I had to plan ahead to be able to fly on a Thursday. Usually I can get out of work at 4PM, but this day I was in training untill 5:30. With the sun setting around 8:30, I decided to take my PPC to work with me and be able to go straight to the airport. It worked out and I met Travis and Chris out there.

We got in a 1.5 hour flight. I might add it was a much needed flight. Too many hours on the ground makes for an unhappy Jack!

Chris leading the way.

A game at the Dell Diamond.

I've taken photos of this train bridge from the ground many times.

Travis posing by a pond.

Travis flying formation with me.

Cow and tree shadows.

Ready for war?

Chris buzzing the corn!

A corn tree?

My shadow.

Chris and I heading back to the airport.

Travis coming in for a landing.

Chris landing as the sun was setting.

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