Monday, May 11, 2009

Fly Glen Fly

I went to Tim's field (A.K.A. Old Settlers Park) yesterday and found Glen setting up to fly. Shortly after I arrived, Roddy arrived. I'd seen him on the forums, but hadn't met him. Sounds like he'll soon have equipment and training, so we'll have another Wingnut.

Tim came out, but didn't fly either, so we all just watched Glen.

We discussed/debated the situation at OSP and I think we have a gameplan. I was only called an a-hole once during the whole conversation, so I felt a little cheated!!

Roddy getting some good tips from Glen.

Up, Up, & Away

Hey guys wanna see me make my finger disappear?

Glen had a nice takeoff, so he thought he'd end the day with a good landing. Good job Glen!

Here's to us all flying together again soon.

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patrickmeredith said...

This is pretty cool. I've always wanted to fly one of these after my stint as an aerial photographer a while ago. You wouldn't happen to be one of the guys who fly these around during the Round Rock Express games, would you? I saw someone flying one during a couple different games last year....