Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nice Long Flight

I met Travis and Chris at the field Monday and we went for a nice long flight.

It started off rough as the winds were from the North, then the East, then the NorthEast... It was fun trying to setup. Travis took off first, heading to the NorthEast, but the wind was out of the East, so his parachute was going one way and his PPC the other! He handled well as usual and was soon climbing rapidly.

I was layed out to go next but my wing got blown around when I started up, so I waived for Chris to go and he too had an interesting takeoff. I got setup again and was soon off. I was also whipped around but after taking off directly toward the runway I was able to turn North and avoid the Cessna doing touch-n-goes.

It started off rough, but not too bad. We headed toward Grainger Lake and while Chris and Travis were down low, I headed up to 5K and shut off my engine. It's always so calming to hear nothing but the wind.

Chris's passenger got a little sick due to Chris making the world spin, so we all headed back. Chris and Travis landed, but I decided to stay up for awhile. It was some of the smoothest flying I've had in awhile. I was circling low over corn fields and having a blast!

So this will be the third time I didn't get any photos. The first time was by choice, the second time I had my wife's camera and it didn't work, this time I left the camera in my truck by mistake... Luckily Travis and Chris had their cameras out!

It's me. A rare site on this Blog!

Lake Granger

Me again!

Not sure why Chris' passenger got sick!

The Cessna doing T-N-Gs.


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