Sunday, May 24, 2009

Travis Got a New Toy!

Like many good plans, ours needed a revision, maybe even a few! Travis found a Powrachute Pegasus for sale in Illinois. Luckily the guy selling it, Dennis, agreed to meet us halfway, which ended up being Lamar, Missouri. The original plan was to drive there Friday, spend the night, meet with Dennis Saturday morning and head back, maybe stopping at Future Flight near Dallas, where Travis was trained. As Friday got closer, the plan became to drive there on Friday and immediately head back. The weather wasn't looking good and we were carry the plane on an open trailer.

We had a fairly quick, painless drive there. Dennis called and said he'd been stuck in traffic and we had to wait for a couple of hours. No big deal, we would check out the town! There wasn't much to see, but we did see the birthplace of Harry S. Truman.

When Dennis showed up, he unloaded the PPC and we check it out closely. Travis and Dennis did some taxi tests and then Travis wanted to get in a quick flight. The sun was setting fast, but he got the flight in and we got it loaded onto his trailer and we were off! How is it that the return trip takes so much longer?? We were exhausted. We made many more stops on the way back to get coffee.

We were both glad to be back home. We left Friday morning at 6:30 and got back home Saturday at 9:30..... What a ride!! It wasn't too bad and hopefully tomorrow the weather will be as good as predicted so he can fly it a little more!

Barton County Court House - Notice the monument and see the photo below.

This road-grader was at the airport.

Travis checking out his new ride with Dennis.

Dennis demonstrating for Travis.

Now it's Travis' turn.

This Cessna was being used for instruction.
Nice Rans Coyote based at the field.

Travis on his first flight.

Landing after his first flight.
Hopefully I'll get some more pics tomorrow.

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