Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hubert's on a Saturday

Chris, Travis, Bill, Scott and I headed to Hubert's for a Saturday night flight. Scott, Bill and Travis had never met Hubert, so they met a new flying friend and got to try a new field out. Thanks again Hubert!

I got there first, so I got into the air as they were setting up. This was some of the smoothest flying I've had in a long time. We had some storms off in the distance, so they made a nice backdrop for photos.

I got another 1.5 hours. This is one night I could have stayed up another 2 hours if I'd had the time, but the big fire ball in the sky was sinking fast.

What a day! Our friend Chip got married in the morning and by evening we were flying over 100 miles away!

On a seperate note... My friend Robert Laird,, loves to get tractor shots. I've tried to figure out what my "thing' is. I think it's shadows of me or other PPCs. I got a few on this flight.

I've also included some neat corn fields. I've been flying for most of my life and I'm still fascinated by fields. It's nice to see the patterns they create to avoid an object. Sometimes they just follow the contours, which I recently found out the government created this style of plowing after the Dust Bowl.

Hubert is setup and ready to go, Travis is warming up, Chris, Scott and Bill coming out.

Left to right, Travis, Chris, Hubert, Bill, Scott

Nice place for a picnic. (Shadow #1)

Hubert in the air as the rest are laying out below.

Hubert flying next to me. I was confused at first, Hubert and Travis both have a blue Powrachute Pegasus, with a Red, White, and Blue parachute, even striped the same! Notice the wingtip on Hubert's PPC here, it is white. Travis' is red.

Scott, Bill, Travis, & Chris, ready to go.

Chris has a long shadow this late in the day. (Shadow #2)

Hubert flying low. (Shadow #3)

Interesting Field

Chris flying over another cool field.

Chris dancing in front of the clouds.

There was a lot of radio work and hand signals for this one. Go down, no not that far down...
Notice the red wingtips.

Travis climbing with a minature Chris trying to catch up!

Travis going up.

Chris smoking it up.

Bill posing with the clouds. Can you feel how peaceful it was?

Bill flying over some nice fields.

Bill, it's a long and winding road ahead!

My shadow on some tall corn. (Shadow #4)

Scott flying along side of me. I didn't fly near Scott much, so not to many photos of him this time :-(

Plowing around the house!

Plowing around the phone poles.

My Shadow (Shadow #5)

A Robert Laird shot!

Hubert as the sun was setting.

Well, that was a lot of photos. Hopefully the weather holds out and I'll have more soon.

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