Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Flight

The weather has been good! I've been busy flying and not so much on blogging. Sorry!

Chris, Travis and I went to Bill's and met up with him and Chip. This was Travis' first time flying his new Powrachute Pegasus since we brought it back. It turned out when it was packed, the parachute had a twist. Chip, Bill and Chris were already in the air, and I quickly admitted I was no help for Travis, so I too was off and flying. Chip had high EGTs and had to land. Seems like deja vue... on my Blog for August 31, 2008, "Chip had to return as he was uncomfortable with his EGTs."

Anyway, Chip went over to help Travis and pretty soon Chris and Bill landed too and they got it all worked out. Travis got about 30 minutes of flight time after over an hour working on the wing. I flew 1.5 hours!

Bill flying low.

Friends! Travis, Bill, Chip, and Chris

My Shadow.

You can't see this from the ground!

Travis finally in the air.

Cabellas wasn't very crowed.

Travis dong T-N-Gs


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